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Frequently Asked Questions

While it is simple enough to think of Viggo slots Toys as an establishment that deals in toys, we’re often so much more. It is the reason why so many people tend to have questions about our services! Here are some of the frequently asked questions to keep you up to date.


Does your establishment have discounts and promotions?

While we’re more known for the hosting of great charity events, it pays to keep in mind that we also host plenty of promotions in Viggoslots Toys.

With every promotion comes a chance to get toys at bargain prices, so keep an eye out!


There’s a particular figure I want! Would you happen to have rare toys in stock?

While we cannot always guarantee that we have what you want, it would be a good idea to check with us regularly to see if we have gotten our hands in something you might be interested in.

We’ll also let you know whether or not we can get our hands on a particular figure.


Is it possible to donate old toys to your establishment?

We have regular events hosted by our wonderful staff that involves donating toys to various charities.

If you have old toys you no longer use, we’d be more than happy to take it off your hands.

We can also work in a discount with some of our stock if you have a knack of donating.

If you happen to have questions that isn’t listed in the FAQ, please feel free to give use a call!